Airgrow boosts your website conversion

Airgrow automatically collects user actions within your website and recommends actions for improving the conversion rate of your eCommerce or SaaS business.

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Construct a conversion funnel

Airgrow will automatically collect all user actions. All you have to do is to choose which of them become part of the conversion funnel.

Click on a funnel stage to get insights on users and marketing channels.

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Improve conversion using insights

Target your advertising to the visitors who convert best. Airgrow will analyze your traffic and show you which users to target - by geography, by device type, by browser, and by operating system.

Airgrow will show you which users convert worst and at what stages. Offer them incentives automatically and improve conversion rates directly from Airgrow.

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Optimize your marketing channels.

Increase your investments in the most effective marketing channels and terminate the least efficient. Use the Traffic Analyzer feature to see which channels work well and which do not.

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Improve engagement and retention

Implement viral loops, run campaigns, and announce special offers to boost engagement. You can compare retention by cohorts and registration dates.

Boost customer lifetime value and product revenue.

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Absolute data control

You can host Airgrow on your own servers using the Stand-alone version. When using it your data will never leave your security parameter. We will provide configuration and installation support.

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